How to choose a hotel

One of the most important components of a good holiday is the right choice of hotel. We often do not attach much importance to this point, completely relying on the Agency, and when on arrival we face some inconvenience, we begin to look for the culprits. As a result, instead of relaxing and enjoying every moment of our journey, we become nervous and irritable. The right choice of hotel is 70% of a pleasant stay!


Choosing a resort, you should ask whether in this country the distinction between more prestigious, and therefore more expensive, and less prestigious, respectively, and more economical. According to the composition of tourists, they can be divided into youth or, conversely, for older people. Resorts can be very close, but will be designed for categories of people with different material wealth. It is necessary to ask what the infrastructure around and how much it can cost dinner in a nearby cafe.

Your budget

How much are you willing to spend? It is important to know that there is no universal standard for all countries in the definition of star hotel services. Counting on a good 3* hotel, the Agency can offer for the same price not a very good hotel, but a 4*. Everyone decides for himself: on the one hand the service is still 4* will be better than 3*, but the price level for additional services, such as dinner at a nearby restaurant or a taxi, will be much higher.

  What makes a hotel "good" or "bad"? Of course, how the hotel meets your needs. Sometimes in a modest "three" vacationers feel much more comfortable than in an expensive five-star hotel, simply because they do not want to wear shorts instead of trousers for dinner. So do not chase stardom, it may not be justified.

  There is a rule, the more stars, the better, but try when choosing a hotel a little abstract from the stars and to start just read the description and see the photos, and then collect the maximum amount of information about the vending hotel.


The more stars, the hotel is considered better. This is a General rule for everyone. However, the classifications of the hotel can be very much, from stars and letters (as in Thailand), to crowns, keys, etc.Star division is accepted in many European countries.

  Greece-letter designations, where D-is equal to 5*, A-4*, B-to 3*, C-2*. Great Britain-star classification. Even in the hotel 1* has all the conditions for normal housing without much luxury. For the more private types of housing introduced their own symbols, such as family hotel (a small hotel for one family) - "diamonds" apartment "keys".

  In France adopted stellar classification. However, here you will not find a 5* hotel, such hotels are equal to a set of services 4L (L-luxe). 2-3 * hotels take tourists who are looking for outdoor activities. Conditions, of course good, but not moreover.

  Italy-almost the same as in France, there are basically no 5* hotels, except elite expensive resorts and large cities. However, 4L hotels do not equate to 5*. It's all the same 4*, but with a wide range of services.

  In Turkey, the star classification. However, the quality of comfort in hotels of low category leaves much to be desired. For example, hotels 2 * agencies do not even offer. Most entertainment and additional services in high-end hotels are included in the price.

  Malaysia - the same star classification, but the level of service is much higher. For example, a 4* hotel can be safely equated to a 5*-European hotel.

  We must not forget that the range of services in hotels of the same category, but different countries, different. If you are used to spacious rooms in Egypt or Turkey, you will not see this in a European hotel of the same category.

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Supply system

BB-Breakfast, HB-half Board (meals 2 times a day), FB - full Board (3 times a day) and All inclusive. If you choose a European resort, you should not worry, as in such cities restaurants and cafes offering cuisine for every taste, at every step. If your choice fell on the southern exotics, then think in advance about possible problems with the stomach from exotic food. Choose hotels HB or FB, not to wander through the local restaurants.

Check-in and check-out

In most cases, in hotels check-in takes place at 14:00, check-out at 12.00, in apartments at 17.00 and 12.00, respectively, so if you arrive early in the morning and depart in the evening, make sure that your Agency has booked for you early check-in and late check-out. Of course, if you are willing to pay extra for it, and if not, be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend some time at the reception waiting for a free room. When checking out of the hotel, if you do not vacate the room on time, you will be asked to pay extra for longer use (as a rule, if you vacated the room after 18:00, you will be charged the full cost of the room for the day, and it does not matter that you stayed only for 4-6 hours).

  Do not be amiss to find out also what is the distance from the airport to the hotel, whether the Agency provides transfer.